28 February, 2011  |   Comment

Wine for Short Ribs

I asked my foxy sommelier neighbor from Hearty Splash what wines would pair best with our weeknight dinner party short ribs.

Her big recommendation?
Petite Syrah.

Two good reasons
1. Petite Syrah can be cheaper than Cabernet Sauvignon.
2. Petite Syrah has good acid and tannins for cutting the fat in the short ribs.

Two Petite Syrah recommendations (the first one is from the foxy neighbor sommelier, the second one from me.)
Fancy Petite Syrah (Quixote $60)
The 2005 Quixote Petite Syrah. Cool, styley label, tasty wine and superstar winemaker. (Check! Check! Check!)

Budget Petite Syrah (Cartlidge & Brown $9-$12)
The 2007 Petite Syrah from Cartlidge & Brown’s label Lot 205 is a great deal for a pricier varietal (and also tasty with slow roasted pork).

Pick up your wine as early as you’d like for one less thing to remember on party day.

Hooray for replies!