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Life and life and life

I honestly don’t feel like I have anything to say.
But it’s been a while and I want to make sure I have this record.

Monster Spray

The little girls and work and husband enjoying continue onward. We’re having fun. We’ve struggled with a little bit of some fungus and conjunctivitis and now we’re all hacking with some bronchial thing but it’s just been mildly annoying.
(Not super strength annoying)

On the hill

I feel this relief at the beginning of each month, this oh sigh look at this gorgeous, luxurious month ahead of me where any number of loose end tasks could be addressed, handled and followed up on. This will be the month that I finally take care of my taxes-license renewal -finances-body-friendships-charity-previous commitments.

Meal Plan Feb 21 - 28

But then it’s the eighteenth, the nineteenth, the twentieth and I’m filled up with woe again.
So much that wasn’t handled and the month is almost done.
That doesn’t feel very nice.

So welcome March 1.
Thank you for all that you bring.
Hopes of finally getting around to it all.
I like that.

One thought on “Life and life and life

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    Pam says:

    You have the greatest penmanship. It should be a font.

    Also? Can I come for dinner Tuesday? It’s my favorite. I’ll even bring dessert. (Am a good guest!)

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