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Tweets from this week.

  • Heck yes, Earth, Wind & Fire Pandora Station. Always appropriate.
  • @MelissaSummers The shoefree people are pretty adamant. But I have to say, if you’re throwing a party in your home, please allow shoes.
  • @daisysf Aye, non-shoewearing homes. I respect the clean/germfree floors, but when it comes to being a good host…
  • If you’re a shoe-wearing home, make sure you have shoes on your feet when you welcome guests. (One more thing that puts guests at ease.)
  • Keep big pitchers of fresh, filtered water on the table to avoid too much weeknight wine consumption.
  • Weeknight dinner party emergency cleaning help from Flylady.net. http://bit.ly/ekq8VD
  • Weeknight dinner party pro tip: Guests are so excited to have someone cook for them they won’t care about the little things. Relax!
  • Superb vintage MD 20/20 indeed. http://bit.ly/eEXkhz
  • Got a same-flower grocery-store bunch? Tuck leftover herbs from your dinner in as filler. Relevant AND thrifty.
  • Juice or rocks glasses are perfect candleholders for those wee votive candles.

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