17 March, 2011  |   Comment

Austin-bound, safe and sound

Things have been quiet due to intense preparations for SXSW interactive and then intense follow up.

For the past week, I’ve been attending parties and catching up on the state of the internet. As I get back into the swing of things, Here are three ditties I noticed to tuck into your party brain.

Remove the tip jar.
Are you paying for a bartender to host at your event? Make it clear up front if a tip jar is allowed, and know that it’s okay not to have a tip jar on the bar. As the person who’s paying the bartender, you will be paying tips for the night.  I noticed at the parties where the tip jar was absent, there was a little more calm and a little more class.

VIP events.
SXSW holds a lot of VIP events. Lots of that is because the party hosts want to make sure their paying clients get an extra special party experience. VIP folks can go to this rooftop, this area or zip up to the head of the line. My favorite signifier of VIP access was the bandanna at the Kirtsy party. It doubled as a party favor and is cute to boot.

Hosting a party? Know as much about everyone that you can.
At the Intel Mobile Manners brunch, Mighty Girl, Maggie Mason, impressed the crowd by knowing each guest’s full name and an interesting fact about their background. These kinds of introductions set a comfortable tone for the whole event.

Hooray for replies!