25 March, 2011  |   Comment

Tweet Round-up

  • Lobsterfeed! http://instagr.am/p/Ckhfn/
  • Cheese and bread are perfect wine tasting party snacks. Soak up all that wine in your belly with some really good french bread.
  • It’s hard to remember, but hold the wine by the little stem. Fingerprints and hot, sticky hands help to change your perfect wines.
  • Smokey eye tutorial at my local Mary Kay purveyor. http://instagr.am/p/Cg7kv/
  • At a wine tasting party, it’s okay to dump your wine in a bucket or sink if you don’t like it. Save space for the ones you love!
  • Hosting a wine tasting party? You’ll need to invest in some basic wine glasses. Thankfully, Target and Ikea glasses work just fine.
  • RT @miguelina: Austrian heurigen – young (cheap!) whites served with simple hearty sides (bread, liptauer cheese, cold cuts) outside
  • More wine tasting party themes: West Coast North to South, Horizontal Tasting (Same wine, same year, different producers), German.
  • Wine tasting party themes: Cheap wine (find the best under $12), Vertical tasting (one wine, different vintages), Summer whites, Italy –
  • Everyone loves dessert wines. Almost everyone. No, everyone.
  • Party person Rick Webb has some things to say about having a solid guest list. http://bit.ly/eOSdbS
  • Let’s kick wine tasting week off right with The Best Apps + Sites for Wine Lovers @lifescoop http://bit.ly/i15ljW #cleverwine
  • It’s all about wine tasting parties this week, mostly how to throw one and not get all weird and snotty about it.

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