1 April, 2011  |   Comment

Tweet Round-up

  • @hydeparkmom For wine? Bubbles of course! High road: Schramsberg (we call it Schramsie) Low road: Segura Viudas.
  • @hydeparkmom You should find Cowgirl Creamery’s Mt. Tam http://bit.ly/icO3eY or Brillat-Savarin at a local fancy grocery store.
  • @hydeparkmom Cheese. Cheese and fruit. Triple cream cheese. And dried blueberries.
  • Perfect napkin design for a lady with my uh, tendencies. http://bit.ly/dYF41u
  • In the mood for fancy (read: expensive) crackers ? I love 34 Degrees plain crackers. http://http://bit.ly/g78UPO (Unsolicited cracker love)
  • Big groups of people drive up the temperature in a room. If you’re tasting wine, make sure you adjust the temperature accordingly.
  • @ChristenKD Ask if the wine bar partners with any local cheese or specialty food shops for snacks.
  • @ChristenKD If the party’s’ at a wine bar, ask if they will do a special flight with wines your husband likes (or you think he likes).
  • @ChristenKD Theme: Roll Your Own. Host a cigar rolling demo. Serve food like burritos, flautas, cannoli and egg rolls.
  • @ChristenKD Once, I threw a Sparkle Princess party for my boss’ fortieth. Somehow that doesn’t seem a good fit here. Unless it DOES.
  • @ChristenKD Have guests submit how THEY’RE grateful for your husband and either turn into paper flags to decorate. Crowdsource the spoiling.
  • @ChristenKD Write on a paper chain all the ways you’re grateful for your husband, hang the chain at the party.
  • @ChristenKD Would the Chico Art Center host an evening art class for a group? Bring your own wine and clever appetizers.
  • @ChristenKD (for the whole party, of course)
  • @ChristenKD Bidwell Cigars looks awesome- if not grumpy, would they give a private cigar demo or lesson in their shop?
  • All right @ChristenKD, I’ve got a few suggestions for you all coming real quicklike. Good luck with your party!
  • RT @girlinthevalley: dreaming of bubbles and cheese for the #cheesewhizzes party @ Peju next Sat. Night! // Yay! Cheese!
  • @ChristenKD Give me the day and I’ll come up with something one dollar sign and fun – Grin.
  • @semaphoria I’d go with a Meritage (http://bit.ly/hFH4WQ) or a good old American Zinfandel (http://bit.ly/hAyF3I) . Rawr.

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