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With apologies to Terence Trent

Thanks to @turnsharp, I’m participating in 5 Minute Breakfast Poems every Friday this April. Grab the image and play along, if you’re so inclined.

Mama, let me write my name on your toe.
Mama, let me write my name on your toe.

But you already wrote your name on my heart.
It’s carved in deep, baby.

Three, four, eight, twelve names, carved in deep.
Six hundred sixty one names carved in, somewhere.

Carved, chiseled,
hard, hard.
Then sometimes, a runoutempty ball point pen barely scratched the surface.

Now a tiny peach pit.
My heart.
Carved with too many names, too tiny, too beat.
No more room.
No more names.
A hard beating pit.

But then sometimes,
(on Saturdays, mostly)
I let the pinch out.
I flood my heart with love and hope and beauty and plans.

That tightbeating pit grows big and soft.
It’s ready for carving.

Write your name on my toe, baby.
Write your name on my heart.

2 thoughts on “With apologies to Terence Trent

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    Dani says:

    I love this! I’m participating too, and I’m excited to read some more of your stuff!

  2. 2
    agirlandaboy says:

    No joke, this gave me chills.

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