8 April, 2011  |   3 Comments

Five minute breakfast poem

Playing with Doobleh-vay


Circle time,
one year at five is a fifth of my life,
one year at thirty five is one thirty-fifth of my life,
making sense in a roundabout way.

Circle time.
Round the rosy.
Round and round.
Falling down.


See, the older I am,
the more experience I’ve accumulated,
the bigger piece of the pie I should have.

But it shrinks.
A sliver of pie until
I’m left with crumbs.
Posy pocket crumbs.

Licking my fingers, with whatever’s left.
We all fall down.

3 thoughts on “Five minute breakfast poem

  1. 1

    I read this twice today. I like the sing song nursery allusions. I like the matter of fact sadness here. xoxo Thank you so much for playing along with me.

  2. 2
    Tara R. says:

    ‘the more experience I

  3. 3
    sizzle says:

    “posy pocket crumbs” I like that. I like the combo of nursery rhyme and hard truth of being a grown up.

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