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Tweet round up

  • Bottle collars can save your table linens. I know this from experience.
  • Freeze leftover wine in baggies to make wee slushies to add to stews or sauces.
  • Want to learn more about wine? Community classes, your local BevMo, LocalWineEvents.com are all good places to start.
  • Don’t spend any more $ on your glasses than you mind replacing. You’d rather shrug than snarl at clumsier guests.
  • Before buying, check the year on Rose wines. They tend to be better when consumed young.
  • HJEntertains also does party consulting. For free dollars. @-me your pickle and I’ll do my darndest.
  • Use as little detergent as possible when you’re washing your wine glasses.
  • @miguelina Good luck! I love the idea. Can’t wait to hear about the details.
  • QPR means Quality Price Ratio. It’s a wine-person way to say, “good for the price.”
  • FYI: Dom Perignon, the monk who worked in Champagne, didn’t invent sparkling wine.
  • Although I am a fan of drinking out of jelly jars, the best shape for the bowl of the glass is in the shape of a tulip.

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    Erica Lucci says:

    Help me party plan, please! My husband, Chris, is graduating from college next month and I’m super-stoked! So I’m throwing a party. I’ve been thinking about a taco buffet because I can prep so much of it ahead of time. (Hey, I want to enjoy this party too.) Thank you, HJ!!

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