15 April, 2011  |   Comment

Tweet round up

  • Chef Besh is a total hottie. @myzatarains #mom2summit http://instagr.am/p/DN42j/
  • Holy #mom2summit
  • Thinking of hiring a bartender? You’ll want one for every 30 guests. Luxurious, right?
  • You’ll also need an extra dish if your appetizer has toothpicks, shrimp tails or nuts in their shells. Dish! Dish!
  • Don’t forget to save room on your kitchen counters so guests can drop off used glasses and plates.
  • Serving olives with pits? You’ll always need 2 dishes. One for the olives, one for the pits.
  • I know YOU know, but in case your FRIEND doesn’t know, I wrote about how to open a bottle of wine. http://bit.ly/eAgm6P
  • The younger the party people, the more they’ll eat. The older they are, the less they’ll eat. Planning wins again!
  • RT @abchao: I mean, I should probably test this cocktail before I talk about it on a panel, right? For quality assurance. #mom2summit
  • Appetizer Math! For a party at meal time, serve 5-6 different appetizers and plan 8-9 pieces per guest.

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