18 April, 2011  |   Comment

Enjoyable 2.0

NOLA, yo.

I have much more to say about how to heal when the internet makes one feel bad.
But first, I needed to talk about the internet making me feel so very nice.

See, I am loathe to attend anything with Mom in the title.
Childrearing is something that neither sets me apart nor an endeavor I excel at.
So when I decided to attend Mom 2.0, I did so with a shrug and some ALL CAPS.
(I’m HELEN JANE, not just MOM. I’ve been here BEFORE kids, not just AFTER.)

But my protesting was silly, because I was with my people.
My internet people.

AB Chao and I presented how to photograph quick appetizers for your blog to an enthusiastic group in a historic space.
We had a blast doing it.

I loved meeting new people, wielding knives, hugging in person, talking about the future, giggling into the night.
I loved the food, the town, the adventure.
I loved seeing my people, my weird internet people.

Well done, conference organizers.
I learned a lot, I gained a lot, I smiled a lot.
This blog thing might just be going somewhere.

Hooray for replies!