25 April, 2011  |   3 Comments

May Day

Yes, I know that Easter just wrapped.
It was a celestial anomaly.

Let’s get ready for May Day.

May Day?
What’s that?
It’s an everyone holiday.
It’s a public holiday, for workers. It’s said to be a celebration of labor all over the world (England, China, Soviet Union).

My favorite part of May Day is the May Day basket.

It’s an old fashioned tradition, hanging an anonymous basket on your neighbor’s door.
More than that, it’s utterly charming.
(And a great way to use extra Easter baskets.)

So here’s the idea, early morning on May 1, we’re going to give five neighbors a secret surprise.
Five. Five neighbors.

We’re going to make and fill the baskets this week.
We’re going to take it 15 minutes at a time.
And on Sunday, we’re going to surprise some people.


3 thoughts on “May Day

  1. 1
    Dia says:

    ideas of what to include? and do you leave them on May 1 (Sunday) or wait til Monday?

  2. 2
    Helen Jane says:

    Hi Dia, Yes! More information coming all week!
    We’ll leave them Sunday morning – May 1.
    (Thanks for pointing out my mistake!)

    And we put flowers, cards and tiny spring-themed doodads in our May Day baskets.

    • 2.1
      amy says:

      We traditionally made ours with pretty spring wallpaper samples and included candy, popcorn and spring flowers – violets, particularly.

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