27 April, 2011  |   Comment

Building May Day Baskets

Baskets are the bane of my clutter-free home. They remind me of that late eighties country kitchen theme, one not really my aesthetic.

So when it comes to the basket part of the May Day basket, I have three suggestions so you’re not buying extra stuff.

1. Use extra Easter baskets.
We are lucky enough to have extras from gifts for the girls – if they’re not going in the Easter bin for next year, we can fill and hang them on the neighbors’ doors for May Day.

2. Make May Day baskets out of construction paper and other recyclable ingredients.
Since the internet is chock-full of ideas on this one, I’ll point you to Disney’s sweet little bee basket and these glorious bow baskets. Aren’t those bow baskets amazing? We could totally put them together during a few episodes of The Voice.

3. Make May Day baskets out of cans or other reusable containers.
These precious cans from Alpha Mom’s adorable May Day basket win cute awards the world over. Not to mention Design Sponge’s jelly jar tucked full of beautiful flowers. These paper-covered cans are perfect as something even my toddlers could help with.

Like I said, we’re hanging five baskets on neighbor’s doors. This means several different containers. We plan to fill one leftover Easter basket, two construction paper cones, a plain canvas bag and bucket. Each will be filled with flowers, treats and surprises for the specific neighbor.

I’ve been surprised by the glee I feel when planning the May Day basket for the neighbors that like us the least. Abundant treats the May Day way.

Have you picked out your targets yet?
Do you plan to leave an anonymous basket?

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