28 April, 2011  |   Comment

Filling your May Day basket

The nice thing about adapting a tradition like May Day for modern ages is that you don’t have to feel locked in to a certain style. Filling your May Day basket doesn’t have to be expensive or twee, it can be what ever the heck you want it to be.


In my opinion, the only must is something that celebrates the impending growing season. We choose flowers, real ones, for our May Day baskets. But if real flowers aren’t your thing, you can make flowers out of crepe paper, soda cans or even just share flower seeds.

Our May Day baskets will be filled with the following ingredients:
Daffodils tied with ribbon (they’re 3 bunches for $5.00 at the grocery store right now)
A stack of home made cookies
A card with a custom May Day poem and some drawings from the girls

And it will be anonymous.
(Since my neighbors don’t know I have a blog, I win!)

In a lovely twist, I found I’m most excited about hanging the basket on the door of the neighbors that don’t like us one bit! Loving someone fiercely — despite their dislike of me — is a gleeful pursuit, one I look forward to exploring.

Check in over the weekend to see how our surprise, surprises!

Hooray for replies!