13 May, 2011  |   Comment

Tweet Roundup

Tweets served in reverse chronological order.

  • RT @chevshop: One I picked up the other day: fill little phyllo cups with brie, heat up quickly in the oven, top with a little pepper jelly
  • This James Oseland interview is fascinating! I didn’t think I could like him any more than I do. #pennyLIVE
  • Dips are perfect prep-ahead grill-friendly appetizers. Bean dip! French onion dip! Pimento cheese!
  • Grilling out this weekend at your house? There’s often a big wait for the grill to heat up and the food cooks. Don’t forget appetizers!
  • @blogdangerously I’m in! Drinking pink. #wineparty
  • RT @offbeathome: Theme parties aren’t just for kiddies http://nblo.gs/hP4YL Awesome!
  • “I had a party and everybody did the recipe and when we ate it 10 people died and 30 fell in terrible sickness.” http://bit.ly/jewD7W
  • This weekend we’re hosting a rummage sale benefiting a high school student preparing for a year in Switzerland. Got tips for making it fun?
  • Did you enjoy the Brix chocolate at our #Mom2Summit presentation? “Like” their fb page here! http://on.fb.me/lcuqqM
  • @Aubs (My favorite) Adventureparty St. Helena. Throw your party up at our house and bring SF to wine country. (Grin.)
  • @Aubs Come in disguise. Guests have to disguise themselves to unrecognizable. Winner is last person recognized.
  • @Aubs Talent show. Find a bar with a small stage and present their talent.
  • @Aubs Cocktail class at Distillery No 209 or Charbay Distillery.
  • @Aubs Adventureparty Dom Deluise. Do a mini-Cannonball run to a secret location in Tahoe. Loser gets a knuckle tattoo.
  • @Aubs Adventureparty Alcatraz. The trick is to get TO Alcatraz. We’ll smuggle in snacks and drinks to be consumed at a secret location.
  • @Aubs Pilates studio competitive drinking. Bring your own pillow.
  • @Aubs Square dancing class. For reals. http://bit.ly/jWFQls It hasn’t been touched by hipsters (yet). And there’s swooshy skirts.
  • Thanks Twitter folks for tolerating my next 8 tweets for @Aubs birthday party ideas.
  • (Of course I’m always partial to a box of Drumsticks in the freezer.)
  • Remember desserts when preparing food for a barbecue. Think make — or buy — ahead sweets like pie, ice cream and cookies.
  • @Aubs I hope you’re prepared for the onslaught of birthday party ideas that I’ve been percolating.
  • Preparing the shopping list for tomorrow’s bocce season opener against the nefarious “Industrial Gluttons.” Theme: Trailer Park Americana.
  • Serving beer mixed halfsies with limeade is far tastier than you think it would be.
  • Lillet on the rocks with an orange slice is the perfect thing to serve while waiting for the barbecue to heat up.
  • @RachelFerrucci Thanks! I just started in February, but am having a blast. Can’t wait to see you in July!
  • Your party budget spreadsheet can also look its loveliest. Let me give you some tips on the Amex OPEN Forum. http://bit.ly/kt5JBh
  • Dottie catches a ride. http://instagr.am/p/EGte1/
  • New post on the entertaining site — Tips from Restaurant Parties — http://bit.ly/iPL3aq
  • Use a leftover cardboard six pack container (from beer or root beer) to carry condiments outside in fewer trips.
  • Theoretical party: Office birthday party at home. Complete with “I’M NOT YOUR MOTHER” signs in the sink.
  • @alaskadanielle @schmutzie I’m in for what time works for you. Grateful for laptops and lutefisk. As usual.
  • Theoretical party: Virtual Tuesday Purple Rain viewing party. Make Minneapolis proud. Serve lutefisk, General Mills cereal and Maibock.
  • RT @follow_holly I threw a party and didn’t die (New Blog Post): http://hollywouldifshecould.blogspot.com/2011/05/i-put-together-little-bbq-on-saturday.html
  • @heatherbarmore from Nopasanada.org is my Party Person today. Make a French 75 with us! http://bit.ly/muUQmC

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