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Dottie catches a ride.Aye. It’s been some time. So, I’m just going to hop back in here with an update.
Ready, steady, rock.

Bocce love

Bocce season started up.
Bocce season, with its food themes
(Food with booze in it! Balls! Birthday food!)

So far, we played the team from Sinskey (Industrial Gluttons), the team from church (The Holy Rollers) and next week, we’re playing the Casino Cowboys, a team comprised of some of our dearest friends.

So far, we’ve won 4 games, and lost 2.
So far, I’m madly in love with my Joanie Loves Bocce family.


(Come out to the park some Thursday! We have a lot of fun!)


And, I think I mentioned it, but I’m speaking at EVO again this year!
Keynoting even!
I’m so excited to get the chance to participate in such a special event.


Due to budgeting, I had to select very carefully the conferences I would attend this year. I chose SXSWi, Mom 2.0 (that was a given) and EVO. EVO too, was a given.

It a conference that is small enough,
friendly enough and

You leave smarter about blogging.
And that’s awesome.

Maybe I’ll see you there?

Our Awesome Couch

Our new couch

We bought a new-to-us couch and strangely enough, it changed everything.

James and I are nicer to each other.
The rest of our house is staying spotless.
We’re in better moods.
Who knew?

Come over and see the new furniture. Kick your feet up. I’ll make you an Old Fashioned, Wisconsin-style.
Or my special ginger punch.
(Not that we’re punching gingers, that would be rude.)

More thoughts about the internet coming next week, I can’t wait to share.

3 thoughts on “Updating

  1. 1
    Angella says:

    I won’t see you at BlogHer? *sad face*

    We love Bocce too, and would totally play you if we lived there. 🙂

  2. 2
    Helen Jane says:

    Ha! Angella, it’s all about budget. If someone wants to send me… grin… I’ll totally see you there.

  3. 3
    daisy says:

    Here’s a (multi-part) question for you: How did you get involved with conferences, how did you start speaking at conferences, and what do you get out of attending them?

    And then the selfish part of the question: Would you see any value in someone like me attending one?

    Couch looks super comfy. I’m thinking maybe that’s what my apartment needs to make my life happier.

Hooray for replies!