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Dead Celebrity Party

Last week’s quadruple run of parties has left me bloated, hoarse and gasping for breath.
(Not to mention, chock-full of happy memories.)

One of the parties I attended was a “Dead Celebrity Party.” We were encouraged to pick our favorite well-known dead person. Celebrities with dead careers were also encouraged.

I’m not sure if my favorite part of Howard Hughes’ costume was the actual execution (Merlin wig!) or the stories that Ben had to share about Howard Hughes’ life.

Truman Capote won the “things you probably already have in your closet” award. Brilliant!

Lisa Left Eye Lopes was so carefully crafted, I could almost smell the CKOne.

Reagan? Jimmy Dean? Does it matter?

Of course, some of my friends are so genetically blessed we almost had three Edie Sedgewicks. But @Soircey’s took the cake with earrings she’ll never wear again.

Bourbon and laughter and really good conversation were my favorite parts of the party. One of the blessings of Teh Google is that everyone came well versed in the history of their costume. Want to know everything about the peak of Lisa Loeb’s musical career? Want to know the specifics of Charlie Sheen’s socks? How about River Phoenix’s middle name?

Yes, I’m aware, these costumes could be considered borderline offensive.
But I kind of think that’s the way a costume party should be.
Shake it up!

(I arrived as Amelia Earhart, of course.)

May costume parties! Half-way to Halloween! Fun!

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