17 June, 2011  |   2 Comments


What have we been doing lately?
Good question.

Breakfast girls

We have had no plans, other than bocce.
We’ll take that.

This kind of downtime has made us nicer people.
Summertime rolls.

Fathers day weekend. James gets to take a few hours to do whatever he wants, which is probably see a movie.

We eat from our veggie box,
we eat on the porch,
popsicles and french fries.

Porch fries.

We splash in the bin.
We water the herbs.
We don’t pick the tomatoes until they’re red.

The finest in pools for our family.

2 thoughts on “Happening

  1. 1
    Marguerite says:

    Love the outdoor pool.

  2. 2
    maile says:

    I love your life. The pool is my favorite.

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