17 June, 2011  |   Comment

Tweet Round Up

Tweets are in reverse chronological order, yo.

  • Fathers day jam. http://instagr.am/p/GAyAa/
  • Grilling pizzas. http://instagr.am/p/F-KeB/
  • RT @BanksConrad: “6 Rules For A Beautiful PwrPoint” is sensible and useful. bit.ly/mMQ9Kh Jury still out on Thai Pantry Salad, however
  • My corn salad works for the Vegan kids and is the perfect complement to Carne Asada. Double duty. http://bit.ly/mlE4Ta
  • Bocce pasta salad recipe makes the grilled chicken happy. http://bit.ly/j1hejA
  • Prepare your salad ahead to avoid sogginess. Put the dressing on the bottom of the bowl, and layer with the greens. Toss before serving.
  • Pantry Asian Noodle Salad Recipe not only can be served at room temperature, it makes kids happy http://bit.ly/kuFF1m
  • Porch fries. http://instagr.am/p/FvffS/
  • @miguelina I have know idea how to work these Twitter accounts, but I AM THE COUGAR, indeed.
  • @miguelina Ha! BlogHer, NKOTB, same difference, really. And what I’m saying there is that BOTH ARE AWESOME.
  • This week’s bocce theme is “put a stick through it.” Our opponents’ theme is “street food.” I say we put a stick through some street food.
  • I just got 5 new invites for @FoundersCard (founderscard.com). Ask me for an invite.
  • Wrap your salad. Set out lettuce leaves, rice noodles and cut vegetables tossed with sesame dressing for a customizable side dish.
  • @MelissaSummers There’s always Adam Roberts’ Mimosa Braised Chicken http://bit.ly/mDmnhO. That, and having great things to celebrate 😉
  • @MelissaSummers How was the brunch?! Are you swimming in champagne?
  • Salads work for the Vegans, gluten-free kids, sugar-free friends and the health nuts. You thoughtful guest, you.
  • Avocado, grapefruit, endive salad recipe here. http://bit.ly/lM5lhA
  • You want to bring the best salad to the outside party, don’t you? Let me help you. It’s salad week at http://www.HJEntertains.com.
  • Letter pancakes. http://instagr.am/p/Fm30h/
  • @abchao I love that song. What’s your packing drink? (Mine’s a Brooklyn http://bit.ly/mmY9Ac.)

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