20 June, 2011  |   Comment

Father's Day 2011.

This is such a loaded day.
See, life with my dad was, well, complicated.

And, we’re never quite sure what’s enough when it comes to this stuff.
(Exactly what the marketers want us to believe, I’m sure.)

So we did the best we could.

Saturday, James and friends went for a big old man day.
They saw the Hangover II.
They drank some beer.
They danced.

The kids and I went to the park.
The kids and I made a Father’s day present.
We giggled.

Then we grilled some pizzas for our favorite Dadseses.
I know some good Dadseses.

Grilled Pizza for the Dads

They had more fun that night.
Way more fun.

Sunday was a little more familyish.

Fathers day jam.

We enjoyed a little pool time,
lunch time,
nap time,
I enjoyed too little SPF time and
now I pay for the

Father's day snack time.

Massimo threw a little Father’s Day get together with the most amazing ham sandwiches.

We all felt itchy because we’re not used to sitting in the grass.
Naked little girls played in bins of water.
Grown ups smiled.

Summer weekend rules.

Hooray for replies!