22 June, 2011  |   5 Comments

Eagerly planning

I’m having tons of fun planning what might be the most interesting three year old birthday party on record.

Anyone know where I can find a pink Yoda?


5 thoughts on “Eagerly planning

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    Nora Leah says:

    First of all, you’ve got v good taste in names. Second, I love this party theme. Is it Nora’s idea? It sounds like a Nora idea….

  2. 2
    Helen Jane says:

    Yes, it’s totally a Nora idea. I like the way you guys think.

  3. 3
    kirida says:

    How long has Star Wars been around? I’m sure someone has thought of pink Yodas. It has to exist!

  4. 4
    Paul says:

    I googled “Pink Yoda” and the first site that came up was: http://pinkyoda.com/ I found it very well done and interesting content. Then of course there’s this one I stumbled upon, which in fact, might be the scariest blog, nay, website I’ve ever seen: http://letsgocolourful.tumblr.com/post/1636999723/use-the-force-im-a-pink-yoda

  5. 5
    Janet says:

    Love this! Ha! I just went to a birthday party for a four year old and, since the four year old couldn’t decide on a theme, her mom just made the party about all the kid’s favorite things. It was a wacky mismatch of stuff–and SUPER fabulous!

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