24 June, 2011  |   Comment

Tweet Round Up

In reverse chronological order, these tweets are the why following @HJEntertains is not only flavorful, it’s educational.
Flavorful AND educational.

  • Weekend salad tip: Adding fruit like oranges, apples and dried cranberries to your salad adds flavor, antioxidants and color.
  • Weekend salad tip: Add some dark greens for bonus good stuff. Arugula, spinach and romaine add all kinds of unassuming vitamins
  • Why thank you @foodnetwork for putting together a list of 50 simple salads just for my salad week! http://bit.ly/it54bk
  • RT @SandyCoughlinRE: Sweet Summer Salad …always tastes better when you’re with good company. su.pr/2Qi1uK #summerentertaining
  • Sick day “cupcake” making. http://instagr.am/p/GLxkV/
  • This week’s bocce theme is Star Wars food. It being salad week, I posted a Star Wars Salad wrap-up. Me love internet. http://bit.ly/jyHLNX
  • Salad week continues at HJEntertains. We have Bocce Pasta Salad http://bit.ly/mpEQDd. We have Mom-style Potato Salad http://bit.ly/iz0R41.
  • You know that you’ll be craving Mom-style Potato Salad this summer. Let me help get you there. http://bit.ly/lgJqTs
  • RT @OPENForum: Before sending an e-mail newsletter, check out these essential tips from @hjentertains http://aexp.co/S7c
  • RT @confettilife Refreshing nonalcoholic summer beverage: Sparkling mineral water + ice + fresh mint.
  • Fathers day jam. http://instagr.am/p/GAyAa/
  • Grilling pizzas. http://instagr.am/p/F-KeB/

Hooray for replies!