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Nora Lea turned three

I asked her what she wanted her birthday party to have.
Nora Lea replied.

We obliged.

Nora Lea turns three!

Nora Lea turned three and we threw a sweet, sweet party.

Nora Lea turns three!

Ate pink cupcakes and pink donuts.
Poured bubbles into our pink strawberry juice.
Had a twirl off.
Ate the egg casserole.
Sausage, bacon, pink lollipops.
Yoda, Santa, Baby Jesus.

Nora Lea turns three!

It was so sweet to see our serious girl, our little thinker spend a few hours grinning.
Like, grin wandering.

We threw her party in the morning, from 9:30am until 12:30pm.
It was the perfect time to host a breakfast party.

My decorating budget was $50. I think I did all right.

Nora Lea's third birthday party

1. Roll of pink tablecloth.
This was great for covering a long line of park tablecloths. I mean, who knows how big a park table is anyway?

2. White butterfly clips.
We made a birch branch tree by putting branches in a large glass vase. I attached these butterfly clips and the tiny gift bags (3) to the branches.

3. Tiny pink gift bags.
I thought I’d ordered regular sized ones, so when these mini-minis showed up, we giggled. I mean, really, truly tiny. So we went with it, tucking one truffle into each one and hanging them from the birch branch tree.

4. Pink lollipops.
These tasted better than I thought they would, and the girls looked adorable whilst eating them.

5. Magic princess wands.
For battling your sister, of course.

Double win.
The big thing was the cupcakes, I’ll post that recipe on Thursday.

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    Mrs. Kinne says:

    I am having trouble thinking of a more amazing theme than the one that Nora Lea chose.

    This is awesome.

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