8 July, 2011  |   Comment

Tweet Round Up

Tweets are in reverse chronological order.
Because I’m just that intense.

  • RT @Mental_Clutter: @hjentertains kills the #evoconf #ignite talks!!!
  • I know it’s hot out, but don’t forget that slow cookers are the perfect mulled wine servers AND great for hot chocolate for a crowd.
  • New slow cookers have locks on the lid for safe travels. These look promising: http://amzn.to/jqvM8w
  • Soup bar! Serve your soups in the slow cooker. Easy peasy.
  • Slow cookers will keep your queso perfectly warm at your next nacho bar.
  • You really don’t need fancy gift bags for little kid birthday parties. Really.
  • Throwing a 3 yr old’s party at 9:30 am means they’re on their best behavior. Have them home by nap
  • Post: Three year old lady pink birthday party decorating. http://bit.ly/jaToKm
  • Practically speaking, throwing a three year old’s party at the park saves on trash at your house too.
  • Throwing a three year old’s birthday party at a local park lets them run off all their princess steam and cupcake juice.
  • Partying at the park? Lots of cupcakes left over? Offer them to fellow park attendees. Make their day fun too!
  • Saber! RT @therogue: 1) Don’t use a good kitchen knife and 2) Commit! Run that knife quickly and decisively. It’s awesome and impressive!
  • @elainepill Well that’s the nicest thing I’ve heard all week! Thanks lady!
  • Happy Fourth! http://instagr.am/p/G9WVk/
  • Fourth of July fire truck riding. http://instagr.am/p/G9S3j/
  • “the key to a successful party – besides lovely people, the odd ray of sunshine, and good food and wine – is a bit of chaos” -M Henderson.

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