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Swiss banner how-to

Close up banner

My friend Bird is headed to Switzerland next year for her Junior year of high school. Her insurance, her flight, her prep, it’s all more expensive than anyone thought. So those of us that love her, help her throw fund raisers, find families to babysit for and projects for her to raise the money herself.

This year, she threw a bocce tournament.¬†We met at the park, made some teams, ate some food provided by Bird’s family and paid for the honor. There was a DJ, there was hugging, there was a megaphone.

And lots of fun.

My contribution was a banner that looked like the Swiss flag to hang at the courts.

1 length 7/8″ grosgrain ribbon – I bought this cream ribbon from Uline and have been very impressed with the quality.
As many pieces card stock as you’d like to make flags out of – I used this card stock from Amazon. It was hearty enough to handle the wind and easy enough to cut
Thread in a complimentary color to your flags
Exacto knife
Sewing machine

Cut the card stock into half.

Cut out the design in the middle that you’d like. I cut out a cross shape to look like the Swiss flag. You could probably handle something more complicated.

Pin the ribbon to the card stock flags all the way down the length. You could measure it, but I just used my eyeballs. I folded the ribbon lengthwise down the length of the flag.

Set your sewing machine to zigzag.
It’s the funnest.

Sew down the length of the ribbon, attaching the ribbon to the paper flags all the way down as far as you’re going.

Hang where it pleases you.
I know we did.

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