25 July, 2011  |   4 Comments

Helen Jane Surprise!

(This week I’ll be posting more slow cooker entertaining ideas, but wanted you to hear about my glorious bocce birthday party first. Glorious.)

Can you believe my team did this for me?
The decor, the food, the styling?

SUPER party!

All this.
They surprised me by changing the bocce theme to
“Foods that remind you of Helen Jane.”

Birthday Bocce


Champagne cake!

They wrapped shrimp in bacon. They made cocktails from Morimoto’s cookbook. They brought pizza and sushi and some flipping amazing egg salad/smoked salmon toasts.

Birthday bacon

We may have lost all three games, but one team member couldn’t stop grinning.

I mean, peppered salami and sliced cucumber?

Best ever.

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4 thoughts on “Helen Jane Surprise!

  1. 1
    Janet says:

    How sweet! Loooove champagne cake! Mmmm!

  2. 2
    agirlandaboy says:

    A food that reminds me of Helen Jane? Meat cocktails! 🙂

  3. 3

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  4. 4

    How lovely – I personally think you deserved the fanfare! I need to know – what are on those sticks! They are so gorgeous – love the colors!