25 July, 2011  |   1 Comment

Birthday Week

Kixxing it

Charm me
Harry Potter date with my scrumptious manfriend.

Birthday BocceSurprise party
My bocce team threw me a party last Thursday. (Check out their sneaky surprise at HJEntertains.)

Drink and food
Atelier wine tasting and night out with men only slightly less handsome than my husband.

Tiny Sleepover party USA
Tom Petty cover band hashtags, exquisite cheese and campfire clothes.
And wine.

This was a really good birthday, helped in no small part (hee. I accidentally typed “party”) by my excitement about the future.

Nora Lea

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I like you.

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    Kath says:

    I can’t tell you how helpful I found your article(s) about email subject lines! I’m new to the marketing field and really appreciate your insight. Great blog (and fun life) you have here!

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