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Chili cookoff administration

onion love
I have a hard time writing about this year’s bocce chili cook off because, well, I wasn’t there.

Driving, flying, delayed, working, etc.
The delay in Chicago (Hey, Chicago, you’ve had 100% delays or cancellations for my last NINE flights through you. WARNING.) caused me to miss the whole dang event.

So, I ain’t done nothing.

This year, the lady behind this chili cook off success was Katie.
Katie ran this mother, she organized, she executed, she crafted, she celebrated.
This was Katie’s party.

Katie and me!
This photo is from the Lobster feed.

I did some half-hearted blog posts and flew out of the country.
I could stand to learn a thing or two about throwing my own parties.
Katie’s the lady.

Also with Katie, was Natalie.
>Natalie’s with the Wine Sisterhood, if you’re reading this site, I’m sure you know all about it.

Natalie decorated, documented and shined this event up with her sleeve.
And then returned to kick some butt on the courts.

I rolled in at 8:45pm, exhausted, stinky and slightly grumpy.
Still, buoyed by the spirits of an electric court, having missed the whole dang party.

There’s always next year.

King Bean

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