19 August, 2011  |   Comment

Tweet Round Up

Hey! This week, tweets are in their right and proper order!

  • Our second place chili winner is none other than our neighbor and teammate’s green pork chili. Malcolm’s Chili Verde of Love!
  • Best yet, Teammate Paul won first cornbread with his French Toast cornbread. He’s on a BBQ tour of Kansas. I’ll get the recipe.
  • The foxy ladies of @winesisterhood came early. Butcher paper tables and big jars of sunflowers. Took the whole event to another level.
  • There may have been a Pepto Bismol cocktail at the chili cook off. We care about our entrants.
  • The twenty-four chilis entered this year were a bit much. Next year we’ll probably have contestants sign up *before* the event.
  • What wine pairs with chili? Beer! Also wine spritzers are good because chili makes me thirsty and I’ll want to drink more.
  • Purple Cowboy wine just LOOKS good on the table next to the chili. cc: @winesisterhood
  • Another lovely @winesisterhood touch? Hanging pepper shaped pinatas from the tree. Festiveland.

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