1 September, 2011  |   5 Comments

Hometown. Home.

Back in Green Bay this week, managing children, meeting up with old friends and spending time with family.

Train waiting.

That’s about it.

Tonight we’re headed to a Packer game.
The last of the pre-season.

I kind of feel that way about this week, it’s the last of the pre-season.

September always feels that way.
Time to buckle down, make smart choices and apply myself.

I have chafed at the bit of parenthood.
This responsibility hasn’t come easy.

Responsibility of finances, taking care of my body, taking care of life. And it’s with the full time job, the exercise, the buckling down, I have to succumb.
I’m broken.
Broken in.
Broken in a good way.

I’m sure you hit twenty-two and turned off all Bacchanalian urges to buy a house, maintain your figure and manage your career. Or maybe it came after you had your children. You now know responsibility to run to your child always, never run away.

I fought this so hard.
This responsibility. This buckling down.
And this week, I just melted into it.

I’m the grown up now.
That’s just how it is.

Bay Beach Awesome

So I wipe and I hug and I pay attention.
I spend this precious, precious time with my parents.

We make new memories and
succumb to this grown up life.

Bay Beach Awesome

This very grown up life.

5 thoughts on “Hometown. Home.

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    agirlandaboy says:

    You’re right. This is just how it is. Beautifully put.

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    heather... says:

    don’t forget hj…i’m going to go to my very first pro-football game with you.

    xo twinsie

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    Carla S says:

    Couldn’t have said it better. Have a great time in GB! Hope you get a trip to Bay Beach. The girls will love it. As might/will you.

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    Kelly Tirman says:

    I love these swing pictures and I am pinning one of them to my picture idea board: http://pinterest.com/kellytirman/photo-ideas/

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