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I walk the dog at 4:15 am.
The time I wake up to get to work.
I hail from the Midwest.

Still shedding

I walk the dog at 4:15am when it is quiet.
Misty, orange-hued-Sphere-like spheres around street lights we walk through, around, through.

Until I see deer.
Five of them, munching roses.
Five deer, munching roses.
The dog whines and pulls.
The deer assess our threat.
All five trot down the middle of the street.

I walk the dog at 4:15am when we are alone.
Except for the skunk.
The thirty pound skunk rooting around in the brush.
The skunk that could take down both of my toddlers with its teeth and paws, much less its stink.
The dog and I turn on our heels.
(Do dogs have heels?)
Skunksmell stays in my nostrils the rest of the day.
Phantom skunk.

I walk the dog at 4:15am when we are safe.
Until I see a gang.
A gang of unlikely allies.
A raccoon and two cats, hanging out on the corner.

Hey, what’s up?
Not much.
Yeah, whatever.

I didn’t know raccoons and cats were friends.
Or allies.
Or hang together.
But these did.
The dog and I stare, open mouthed.
The unlikely gang turns on their heels.
(Raccoon heels!)
They head down the embankment.

I walk the dog at 4:15 when it is quiet, solitary and safe.
A whole world opens, with deer and skunk and a sharp-toothed gang.

2 thoughts on “Anomalanimal

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    wendy says:

    Enjoyed this. I walk the dog at 6:15 am. And now, if I see a cat hanging with racoons, I won’t panic. Hope work is going well.

  2. 2
    Leslie says:

    You are 5 minutes too early by Norcal standards (Mendo/Sonoma more than Napa).

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