20 September, 2011  |   7 Comments

Mighty Summit Awesomeland

I didn’t host it this year, I merely attended. And what a treat. Maggie and Laura executed a perfect weekend, where I had to make very few decisions and the luxury was palpable.

A Mighty Cheesewhizzes!

Yes. I said it.
Palpable luxury.

So I’ve made some big decisions, going to move some online stuff around, work on the melancholy.
(Seriously, guys, this here internet website makes me seem so sad. I’m not sad. I’m quite happy!)

Going to muster up the positive and shake what the universe gave me.

For all the awful things I say in my head to myself,
(Yes! I know! I shouldn’t do that! You shouldn’t either!)
I’m not alone in that.
It’s eating up my creativity and stopping me from being of more service in the world.

I can help with that.

So to wrap up.
Mighty Summit: Inspiring.
Melancholy: Rejiggered.
Creativity: Unleashed.
Parties: More of them.

7 thoughts on “Mighty Summit Awesomeland

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    Kathryn says:

    No melancholy. Because I love you!!!

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    victoria says:

    i would never have guessed you felt melancholy. i was so enamored with your gift of putting people at ease, and making us laugh. anyhow, i’m so glad to have met you. i hope to see more of you! i’m glad it was a good weekend for you. me too.

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    Helen-Jane, so wonderful to have met you. Your laugh will stay with me forever! And I’ve been kicking melancholy out of my life this year, too. And WOAH! Did Mighty really help with that. Here’s to sunshine! xx

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    amanda says:

    I am glad you had a wonderful time! Must admit to being a wee bit jealous when reading the Summit posts…looks like a blast!

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