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Talking Turkey with Frigidaire

Jennifer Garner and me. Huh.I wouldn’t have believed it myself, really, but there I was, through an opportunity from Foodbuzzmoderating a round table discussion with some of my favorite bloggers in the land. And Jennifer Garner.

You should have seen the scenes that played out in my head before I left for the trip.

Scene one:
Upon finding out I lived in Napa Valley, Jennifer gasped with her good fortune. She had found a new best friend in her favorite part of the country! We would plan a girls retreat in August and I’d introduce her to comfort cuisines not yet invented. Oh, how we laughed and laughed.

Scene two:
Variation on scene one, this time with a bocce demonstration and champagne bottle sabering. Oh how we laughed and laughed.

Scene three:
Our little family is invited to their Thanksgiving dinner and although it requires pulling some strings, we attend and oh, there’s some more laughter. The girls are all best friends. They laugh too.

That imagination of mine is a good one. I hope it serves me well.

In real life, I just spent all my time refraining from exuberant hugging.
You try not to snuggle Jennifer Garner.
(It’s harder than it looks.)

all the fun bloggers

So what did I do?
I asked questions of bloggers like Mindy from The Mommy Blog, Vera from I’m Not Obsessed, dear friend Allison from Petit Elefant, and my latest greatest food blogger obsession, Joy the Baker.

Like bloggers do, we talked, sharing holiday insight and disaster stories.

(And I know it sounds weird — but if you start planning for Thanksgiving and Christmas now, I promise, you won’t be overwhelmed when the time comes. You will also save money. Promise. More tacticalpractical information forthcoming.)

Hearing about Jennifer’s turkey fail, a blackened crust made worse by not following the recipe, made me even more eager to follow the recipe. You’re coming over, right?

even more fun bloggers

Other bloggers that joined us were new friend Anne Marie from This Mama Cooks, dear Jyl Johnson Pattee from Mom it Forward, Alicia from Get Buttoned Up, and Cybele from Allergen-Free Cuisine. Foxy, no?

We enjoyed a cooking presentation from chef Suzanne Goin – she made these Brussel Sprouts that made me grunt.

I’ve never grunted when eating vegetables before.
These sprouts made me all grabby and grunty.
(They’re that good.)

Fun fact: The cast of Alias still gets together to eat a Thanksgiving meal. This warms my gizzards right on up. Hot gizzards!

On top of that, this event supported Save the Children. For each visit, Frigidaire donates a turkey and a buck to Save the Children to help families that need it. I like that.

Clicking here helps kids. Easy.

To sum up: Bloggers, Jennifer Garner, Frigidaire, Save the Children, the holidays.

Thank you life, you continue to delight me.
(And imagination, you’re doing all right too.)

3 thoughts on “Talking Turkey with Frigidaire

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    Lori says:

    I love your imaginary scenes – aren’t you excited to be joining the cast of Alias for Thanksgiving this year? 🙂

  2. 2

    I have so many imaginary scenes with Jen. We’re on shortened name basis by now. Mani/pedis, lunch, play dates with the kids, double dates with the husbands. Because she’s down like that, right?

    Oh Helen Jane, I love you so.

  3. 3

    I hope Jen is reading this and invites you over to their Boston pad for Thanksgiving. So we can go out for drinks afterwards. Jen can come too.

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