6 October, 2011  |   2 Comments

Daily Buzz Moms

You know and love Jane Maynard, right?
She has a meal planning site called This Week for Dinner.
(And you know how I feel about meal planning.)

Recently, she gave birth to handsome Owen.
While she snuggles and nuzzles, I’m covering for her on another one of her gigs, editing the Daily Buzz Moms site.

If you read this site, you know I don’t really talk about my kids that much on the blog. It’s not that I don’t find them writeableabout, they are.┬áIt’s just that so many people do parenting writing better than me — I’ll stick to parties.

I’m editing the Daily Buzz Moms collections as Jane spends some time with her family. It’s given me a unique perspective on the state of parenting blogs, as I comb through hundreds of posts to find the best on any certain topic.

My first attempt? Comfort food.
I’m super excited to try the Spiced Caramelized Graham Crackers.

I’ve heard that appearing in one of these collections can drive a lot of traffic to your site — so what’s the harm of submitting your RSS feed? You can do it here — and it makes your sites easily searchable for inclusion in the Daily Buzz sites. Have a site good for Parenting or Style or Luxe or any number of other categories? Submit your site.

Who knows? It could be fun.
(And goodness, I’d rather YOUR site was one of the sites I was picking from.)

2 thoughts on “Daily Buzz Moms

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    Stasha says:

    Firstly Congrats to Jane. And you have a way with words. Cause I took the plunge..

  2. 2
    Carla says:

    I’ve been trying on the idea of starting up a blog again and in the process of developing it. I may have to do this to keep momentum. Still trying to figure out where it fits with the new life of 2 kids. You give inspiration for doing it.

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