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Epiphanie Winner


I loved reading your autumn memories.
We’re certainly a bucolic sort, aren’t we?
You made me nostalgic for your autumns.

So many leaves and hayrides.
Autumn means home, means outside.
(Those things are free. I’m well served to remember that.)

So who won the sack?

Congrats to Launa!

“We lived in a not so seasonal part of the country when I was growing up but even so my favorite part of the fall season is Thanksgiving… there is something so nice about having dinner together, cleaning up and then taking a nice, lazy walk around the neighborhood!! Good times!”

Well done lady, the gods of Random.org have smiled upon you!

That said, there was a weird feeling in my stomach — it was that I felt kind of icky that on my first giveaway, I had to tell 385 people that they didn’t win. So I’m reducing that number by three.

Bonus prize!
I’m going to draw pictures of three people’s autumn memories and give them the files to print or do what they want with them.

Those winners are:
Alecia, number 67

My favorite autumn memory? Hmm. That’s really tough. But, I might have to say that it’s the old homecoming bonfires at the all-boy’s high school that was brother to my all-girl’s high school. Those homecoming bonfire nights were amazing. The smell, the sounds, the crisp autumn air. Takes me back just thinking about it.

Raegan, number 86

A little unconventional, but my favorite memory involves the horse track. Growing up in Kentucky, horses were a big part of our state. Every fall, my dad would pull my sister and I out of school and take us to the beautiful horse race track. We would eat yummy track food like hot burgoo and dad would give us $2 a race to bet however we wanted. (Usually we chose our horse by the colors the jockey was wearing!) I love the memories we made doing this every fall!

Kirsten, number 365

I love walking in the crunchy leaves, and jumping in big piles. I love cool Hallowe’en nights where you have to dress up in some bulky costume just to stay warm, your nose gets cold, and when you’re done you drink a big mug of hot chocolate. I love high school football games. I love the Major League Baseball playoffs and the World Series. Fall reminds me of home… and that’s the best of all.

Bonus points to Kirsten for “Hallowe’en”

Images will be ready in two weeks.
I’m so excited to get started.


3 thoughts on “Epiphanie Winner

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    Stasha says:

    Love the autumn shot! Lovely. Congrats to all. You are a sweet lady Helen Jane.

  2. 2
    agirlandaboy says:

    Runners-up! Love it.

  3. 3
    Kirsten says:

    HOT DOODLY 🙂 Anxious to see what my favorite memories creates 😀 😀 😀

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