21 October, 2011  |   Comment

Weekend Entertaining

It’s Friday. So how are you going to get together with friends to celebrate something?

No really.

What are you doing, this perfect autumn weekend, with more than one person that you love?

Will it have food and drink?
Shared laughter?
Shared vulnerabilities?
Really good stories?

The one thing, the very one thing that increases our happiness is strengthening our social ties. That’s it. We humans are made to be social.
Let’s just roll with it.

Over here? We’re headed to the annual St. Helena Harvest Festival, one of my very favorite days of the year. It has a 5k run, a pet parade (costumes on turtles!), the world’s most delicious tri-tip sandwiches (made by Boy Scouts!) and I know I already said it, but A PET PARADE.

So really, what are you doing?

Hooray for replies!