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Halloween Banner How-To

My recently lifting Halloween ennui had me wanting to decorate our porch.

So, what’s a lady to do?
Whip up a banner with some scrap fabric of course!
(from that bathing beauty costume I made a few years ago.)

The banner only took two days (or about 5 hours).

banner close up

Day 1 breakdown
Estimated active time 2 hours.

1. Make pattern shape out of scrap paper.
paper pattern

2. Iron about 3 yards of black fabric.

3. Cut up old Stevie Nicksian dress (I cut up one that my sister gave me when she got skinny and I got pregnant) into same width, varying length strips. The dress had a bit of stretch so it frayed and curled to my desires.

4. Trace the triangle onto the folded fabric with a giant piece of chalk. (I just used the kids’ chalk). Since we’re turning it inside out, it matters less what you’re writing it with.

5. Cut out all the triangles with the Sacred Fabric Scissors* Do all of this from the ironing board set up behind the children while they watch princess movies.
Feel torn between anger about the unrealistic image portrayed and “princesses are just having fun.”

6. Iron all the triangles. Continue to feel torn.

7. Tie the fabric (like mine from the Stevie Nicksian dress) into a length long enough to wrap around the porch. I’ll call this the banner top.
top banner

8. Put both the fabric triangles and the long dress pieces aside where the kids can’t touch them. Put away the iron and the ironing board.

Day 2 breakdown
Estimated active time: About 3 hours.

1. Take out the sewing machine and ironing board. Set up the sewing machine with red or black thread.

2. Sew down each long side of the triangle, leaving the top open.

3. Turn the triangle inside out.
sewed folded

4. Continue steps two and three until you have a pile of triangles long enough to make it around your porch or house or room.

5. Iron all the triangles all over again, make sure the point is pointy and the sides are flat.

6. Lay the banner top (Stevie Nicksian) in a long line across your floor

7. Fold each rough top side of the triangle inside, to create a smooth folded top seam.

8. Set the triangle on top of the long fabric, fold the top of the banner top over the folded part. Pin each pressed triangle to the fabric, exactly the distance between each flag that you want.


9. Sew across the top of each triangle with the zig zag stitch, the wackier and more askew the better. Decide that princesses are okay to enjoy via media as long as there is some communication about what that means about real women.

What I’m most excited about is that I get to use it year after year.
Free, reusable and styley. Welcome Halloween!

*Do not touch my Sacred Fabric Scissors, unless you are named Helen Jane and you are cutting fabric. Quirk downloaded genetically from mom.

4 thoughts on “Halloween Banner How-To

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    Erica Lucci says:

    The banner is cute! My mother had the same rule about scissors – it was a mortal sin to use the cloth scissors on paper! But somehow the cloth scissors were the only pair of scissors that could ever be located. Funny thing is I now have scissors that are dedicated to cloth and another pair dedicated to paper.

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    Stasha says:

    Very cute. Lovely porch.

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