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Foodbuzz Moderation (as in all things)

Today I moderated a panel at the Foodbuzz Festival at Federated Media headquarters.
The Foodbuzz Ladies
Taking your blog to the next level.

Kath from Kath Eats Real Food
Sarah from Peas and Thank You
Joy from Joy the Baker
Tracy from Shutterbean
Jessica from How Sweet it is

Since my history in blogging is on the personal web log side of content, chatting with women who make their living from single topic food blogs was fascinating. Some favorite nuggets from the talk.

Forgive me, panelists, I’m paraphrasing.

Kath Eats Real Food

I delete my photos from my computer as soon as they’re on my blog. If I need to find a photo, I will find it on my blog.

I’m always surprised that posts not about food get the most response.
When my husband and I opened a bakery, that’s what people were most interested in.

My traffic is completely linear. It’s one slow increase. Not even being on Oprah.com brought any spikes.

Peas and Thank You

Realizing lots of other healthy living bloggers were getting book deals, I decided to find an agent, instead of waiting for someone to come to me.

Active commenting drove a lot of my early traffic.

I commented in my voice, which is also the voice of my blog.

Joy the Baker

I mean, my blog is Joy the BAKER, so people come there wanting recipes for foods like bacon scones. So when I wanted to talk about the ex-boyfriend who loved his dog more than me, I started a podcast.

Really, you need to love what you do more than anything.

It’s a lot of hard work to make it look that easy. A LOT of hard work.


Taking photos with your cell phone can be a great way to break out of a photography rut.

People are checking your blog on breaks from work. It’s an escape for them.

You can also crinkle up construction paper to give the background of you photos more movement.

How Sweet it is

My camera is just covered in flour. But that’s okay!

Your voice is your own, that’s what people are interested in. And if they don’t like it? Too bad.

I just lucked out with the light on my dining room table.

I thoroughly enjoy learning about those of us who are so compelled to share the information we’ve learned we just can’t help ourselves. And this internet allows us to share all manner of media, all kinds of ways.


2 thoughts on “Foodbuzz Moderation (as in all things)

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    tracy says:

    It was SUCH a pleasure to meet you. You did such a great job.

    I hope that I get to see you in real life again soon! xoxo

  2. 2
    Melanie says:

    So cool! I cannot get enough of Joy@joy the baker and Jessica @how sweet eats!!!! i heart their blogs….

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