14 November, 2011  |   Comment

Saying Thanksgiving Grace

It’s the biggest reason for the event, right?
Thankgiving thanks.

Some elder statesperson-type, is usually tasked with The Saying of The Grace.
(Sometimes it’s the host.)


I had this issue before, as I thought about saying grace.
I don’t want my gratitude to be capital R Religion.
I also want it to be special for us.


When you’re tasked with The Saying of The Grace, you’re tasked with giving voice to the reason for the event.
It’s kind of a big deal.
To me, anyway.


At our table, everyone shares what they’re most grateful for, that’s a given.
But a good way to kick it off is to offer a welcome.

For the food we’re about to eat and the good things in our lives, we are grateful.

I love this one from Elaine, a commenter on the post linked above

[For the] earth who gives to us this food
sun who makes it ripe and good
sun above and earth below
our loving thanks to you we show
blessings on our meal

One of my favorites is a version of the one Maria shared in The Sound of Music.

For what we are about to eat may we be truly grateful.

How do you say grace on this most tasty day?

Hooray for replies!