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Cheesewhizzes Soft and Oozy

Anderson's Conn Valley

Saturday night we were lucky enough to host our regular Cheesewhizzes party at the gorgeous caves at Anderson’s Conn Valley Vineyards. This month’s cheese theme was soft and oozy and the cheeses did not fail to impress.

What I mean to say is that they’re impressive.
(You know what I mean.)

The softer and oozier the cheese, the more likely it’s stinky.
And we stunk up those caves, I’ll tell you what.

Epoisses, Andante Pianoforte, Goat’s Milk Brie, there is a whole lot of soft and oozy cheese coming into its own this time of year.
(Go get some.)

Special thanks to Joseph of GoVino, who generously provided glasses easy group wine tasting. I’m excited to use GoVinos for our upcoming holiday cocktail party — easy peasy non-breakable glassware.
(Plus, GoVinos make great snack catchers for the toddler set.)

My checklist o’Cheesewhizzes:
Spectacular wine? Check.
Styley glassware? Check.
Amazing cheese? Check.
Good people? Check.

See you at the next one.

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