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Holiday cocktail birthday party countdown

Conga line

Five days until the annual Hearn holiday cocktail party!
One day until Dottie’s birthday party!

That’s two parties this week and a full time job and two part time jobs.
But am I stressed?
Heck no.
(Okay, maybe just a little, but it’s more like giddy anticipation, not stress, really.)

James and I love throwing this cocktail party, it’s a party just like the one James’ parents threw every year. Some of his favorite memories are of sneaking out of bed to watch the grown ups get louder and louder until the silly things started.

Now we can start our own silly things.

The last many years, the parties have had a theme. One year, holiday sweaters, two years natty hats, and this year, the theme is fancy pants.

It could be your favorite pair of well-tailored trousers.
It could be a pair of sequined hotpants, or a satinny pair of slinkies, or your best pressed Zubaz.
It’s just an old-fashioned holiday cocktail party.
(Like mom and dad used to host. Grin.)

NOT TO MENTION, Dottie’s turning TWO.
Can you imagine?

The DotsRemember when she was a snugglysnarfy wee little newborn?

When I was overwhelmed and freaked out and hormonally unstable?

Well, now she’s a snugglysnarfy wee little toddler, and I’m still a little overwhelmed. But at least there’s not so much of the other two.

(It only took two years.)

Oh right, when Dottie was born, James and I agreed to wait until Dottie turned two to decide whether or not to make more babies. So that’s added to the to-do list for this week (right after “pick up powdered sugar” and “finish the big sales presentation.”)

In addition.
What’s with the sickies?

Everyone I know is fighting some sort of the sick.
Here are some get well sprinkles and some immunity sprinkles for you.
.:… .:..:…

Poor Nora Lea and Dottie both had it last week.

Where was I?
Dottie’s birthday party.

This year, it’s small. We’re hosting one friend and a few grownups.
(It IS Tuesday night, after all)

We’re making our own pizzas — picking up pizza dough from the local pizzeria and putting out the fixins. Make it the way you like it! My favorite kind of pizza!

(Also, did your girl scout troop ever tour a Pizza Hut and get to make your own personal pan pizza? It was HANDS DOWN the best experience I ever had as a girl scout. Think I could find some personal pans by tomorrow? Yeah, probably not.)

After pizza time, we’ll be decorating cookies together. The grown ups can sneak some holiday cookie decorating in, the girls can have the sprinkle party of their dreams. And I’m going to use some vintage lunch trays courtesy of Petit Elefant to hold all of the decorations.

Of course I’ll post some photos.
(Wish me luck.)

5 thoughts on “Holiday cocktail birthday party countdown

  1. 1
    Lisa says:

    WIlton has 6″ cake pans that would make perfect personal pizza pans!

  2. 2
    Paul says:

    My Zubaz are in the mail…Double duty…they’re Kansas City Chiefs colors!

  3. 3
    aunta fee says:

    wishing i could attend the fabulous parties, as well as a sprinkle storm to celebrate all you do!!!!

    love to you and the littles ***

    so glad dottie was born 2 years ago. and that i could join!!

    happy birth day!!!!!

  4. 4
    Sarah says:

    My Girl Scout troop went to Grandy’s and made our own cinnamon rolls. THAT was pretty damn awesome.

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