13 December, 2011  |   Comment

Decorating the house and cookies

Dottie turned two!

We believe strongly in letting our kids decide what parties they’re throwing (I mean, how else would we have ended up with Nora Lea’s last birthday theme?)

Asking Dottie, “What kind of birthday party do you want to have?” returned the answer, “COOKIE PARTY!” so James and I shrugged and went to work.

We kept the invite list low, only one kiddo, heavy on the grown-ups.

I decided against gift bags, after the amazing bags the girls have come home with from parties past. Sometimes, when faced with something that I should be into (see: My Wedding) I get so overwhelmed with possibilities, I just shut down. So when it came to gift bags for my two year old’s birthday party, I just… just… didn’t have space in my brain (or wallet) to put something charming and whimsical and damn it, USEFUL, together.

Instead of spending tons of cash on flowers and signage and things, I picked up some helium-filled balloons at the grocery store and sent them home with our toddler guest. For decorating, I found two disposable tablecloths in the garage and that was good enough for me.

We moved the coffee table over by our dining area and put the little chairs around it so the girls would have their own space. They loved it.

Digression: I know that decorating parties is the biggest part of all the party pr0n all over the internet, but when you actually have people coming to your home to eat food, perfect printables stuck on a dessert table are quite literally my last priority.

Is the food delicious?
Will my friends be comfortable?
Better yet, will they have fun?
These are the questions I worry about, not the perfect tablescape.
(But you already knew that.)


Dottie turned two!

We set out all kinds of sprinkles in those aforementioned vintage lunch trays from Alison from Petit Elefant. I gave the girls baked cookies in various circle sizes and let them have at it. It took all of my self-control not to intervene, and not-intervene I did.
Guests took their cookies home in a box lined with tissue paper.

Dottie turned two!

A super sugar-filled dance party helped get the sillies out before bedtime.
(As super sugar-filled dance parties tend to do.)

Happy second birthday Dottie.
You make us laugh every day.

Hooray for replies!