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Ben turns 30.

Happy Birthday BenWe attended a party this weekend thrown by one of the most stylish people I know. A designer and creative style maven, Elyse is director of marketing at a super-posh winery. She knows events, she knows food and gosh darn, she knows lovely.

Happy Birthday Ben

See she and her boyfriend have had a rough few months. Not like that, they’re fine, it’s that they’ve had some trials this year, trials they’ve faced together. The scariest ones. The toughest ones.

So when the man you love turns thirty,
and you’re Elyse,
you blow it out.

Happy Birthday Ben

What made this party run so smoothly was the judicious use of party rentals. From the chairs to the tables to the linens to the glassware (gorgeous!) there’s no way Elyse could have made dinner for 18(!) work by depending on her own resources.

Actually, don’t let me speak for Elyse, there’s no way I could have made it work depending on my own resources.

The menu started with butternut squash soup served with mushrooms.

Happy Birthday Ben

On to the main osso buco. I mean, just look at it.

Happy Birthday Ben

Polenta and marrow and gremolata oh my!

Crowd favorites were roast brussel sprouts and perfectly steamed broccolini.

To play along, make your way to the Napa Valley and eat at our favorite local’s restaurantĀ Cook St. Helena. There you’llĀ  order their brussels sprouts and they make you swoon.

Happy Birthday BenNaturally she wrapped the whole elegant deal up with a hot diggity chocolate torte.

Elyse, I have no idea how you did it.
But you can color me impressed.

Happy Birthday Ben

I think you can color the kitty impressed too.

Hooray for replies!