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Holiday gifts for my internet darlings

Hello, friends, I may be broke, but my imagination ’tis rich.

So in my mind, here are some gifts I would give my new internet friends this year. All of these folks I met in 2011 and my life has been so profoundly improved by their presence, it’s a wonder I haven’t known them all my life.

It sure feels that way.

AB Chao
Folke Ohlsson Lounge Chairs I’m far too confused that I only met AB Chaoin person this year. (March!) I feel as if I have known her since high school.She wants these chairs, so I want her to have them.
Joy the Baker

A subscription to the Acme Fine Wines Pulse Wine Club
Like the rest of the internet, I have fallen madly in love with Joy the Baker, this kind, productive spirit. She’s making some of the best web content today. She’s busier than the average bear and could use a shortcut to relaxing.For Joy, I get a subscription to the Acme Fine Wines Pulse Wine Club because the wines are comfortably ingenious, just like Joy.
Pamela Ribon

Mercury Head
Pamie, Pamie, joy of man’s desiring.
(Or something like that.)Pamela is successful and smart and grounded and has lived in more places than you. She’s one of those that’ll look you straight in the eye and tell you the truth. And I like her anyway.

For Pamela, I’m getting a magnum of Mercury Head Wine from Orin Swift.

Because it’s delicious.
And will make you giggle.

Tracy from Shutterbean

A four figure gift certificate Russel and Hazel.
Tracy is the kind of friend that when you say something bad about yourself, looks at you gently to ask, “So what are you going to do about it?” She’s stylish and pretty and organized.Her High Straightenance gift guide is the guide to a lady like me.

I’d get Tracy a gift certificate to my favorite office indulgence Russel and Hazel and this retro flip clock. Because she deserves it.

Amy Turn Sharp

A handmade ceremony stole
I’ve online-known Amy for years but never like, really, really known her. We hugged for but a minute this year at Mom 2.0 and are implementing plans to explode your brain with love in 2012.For Amy, I’m getting a custom made stole for all of her marrying needs. She can pick the imagery, we’ll all be grateful for her in our lives.

I imagine this is the worst kind of list, isn’t it?
The imaginitory gift list.

Sort of like a pretend charity giving list.
Or a nice things I imagine other people do list.
But you’ll indulge me this once.
It’s coming from a place of love.

Any imaginiatory gifts headed out from you this year?

5 thoughts on “Holiday gifts for my internet darlings

  1. 1
    joythebaker says:

    aaaaahhhhh…. wine club! thanks for the love helen!

  2. 2
    tracy says:

    I love love love Russel and Hazel! I want EVERYTHING of theirs! xo

  3. 3

    […] you so much for the virtual gift, HJH! I loooove […]

  4. 4
    Pamie says:


  5. 5
    amy says:

    I love you so much for this. + all other things too.
    xoxoxo SOOOOOON!

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