29 December, 2011  |   Comment

Christmas Noodling. Winner.

Doh! I forgot to tell you. Congrats to Heidi, commenter #10 for winning that Cook without a Book book. Hooray! Hooray!

We enjoyed the hell out of our Christmas. We learned Santa was going to be at Gott’s so we walked over for a special Christmas Eve lunch. The girls were terrified, naturally, so we kept a safe distance.

Safe distance

But in a little bit, Nora Lea wanted to share her fries with the big guy.

Sharing her fries

My sister came up. She enjoyed some quality niece time.

Auntafee dance party

My sister made over a doll house she’d found on the curb for the girls (complete with disco ball). And they love it. And I have to squash all perfectionistic urges and let the nonbreakable ornaments coexist with the Pixie Hollow fairies and the Disney princess figurines.

Best dollhouse ever

We ate cookies for breakfast and burned a big fire.

Christmas breakfast

So extraordinarily lucky.

Holiday funtime

Next week, there are diets to launch and web sites to update and resolutions to keep. But this week, we munch on dry cookies and drink our calories and snuggle into each other all day long.

Happy holidays indeed.

Hooray for replies!