11 January, 2012  |   Comment

La Condesa and the Muppets

Last Saturday, our friends organized a group trip to see the Muppets at our beloved Cameo Cinema.

First, however, there was brunch.
(There is always brunch.)

La Condesa Muppet Brunch

La Condesa is the latest hangout from a gaggle of hang out spaces in our little town. Locations for other times of the day include Farmstead and Bar Terra.

La Condesa Muppet Brunch

The good La Condesa folks put together our very own brunch menu, and timed it so everyone would have time to get to the movie theater. Better yet, they planned it so everyone who participated just paid a flat fee. Mmm. Brunchease.

La Condesa Muppet Brunch

There was thumb wrestling, children wrestling and lots of unbelievable tacos.

La Condesa Muppet Brunch

Even better?
After the movie, all the merriment was wrapped up by one.
So Sunday was ours.

Brunch it.

Hooray for replies!