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Checking in from Wisconsin

I am an expert in annoyance.
I also excel at frustration.
In exasperation, I graduated at the top of my class.

In sadness, however, I an a solid D minus.

Funneling my sadness into
frustration and
exasperation has always worked for me.

Annoyance means it’s someone else’s fault,
Frustration shows me they’re not doing it the right [my] way
Exasperation, well, for crumps sake, could you be any more wrong?

Here in Wisconsin, three inches of snow on the car, 14° F outside, I’m so full of sadness it has spilled out of the funnel. There’s too much sadness that I can’t wipe it up before it falls on the counter, fills up the room and spills out the door.

I can’t.
I can’t turn it into annoyance, frustration or exasperation.
I can’t.

There’s sadness all over the place and I can’t can’t can’t do anything other than sit with it.
And just, be sad.

to be unwilling to find the bright side or the
progress or the
gratitude or the
myriad of positive coping strategies our sweet internet is full of.

So uncool, in this country, to just be sad.

We sit and we tell the same story six times again and we wait for bedpans and we cry and we cry and we cry and we cry, because we are sad.

And no amount of annoyance, frustration or exasperation can make it go away.

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