26 January, 2012  |   Comment

Happy distractions – an update

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Now that I’m back in my routine, it’s much easier to focus on the small, the regular, and that which is awesome.

Oh, the freedom that comes with deciding only to focus on one’s health, finances and storytelling for a year.
It’s glorious.

No worries about my personal brand, no back bending machinations to make all the events and the parties happen and all the recipes tested and all the drawings and the content calendar and aaaargh I have kids and a job and a husband and a dog.
(Only a few tardy emails. Yep, I’ll get back to you soon.)

Mom’s recovering!
I didn’t need that mole anyway!
My muscles are aching!
My lentils are done!
That project seems fun but, sorry, I can’t help!

James wins an awardThat said, tonight is our bocce awards ceremony. With the help of a few teammates, I’ve made awards for each member of the team as I do every year.
(When was the last time you attended a local awards ceremony? Maybe you should throw one for your church group, your softball team or any group that means a lot to you.)

We do this at a local pizza restaurant every year, just like when we were eight. The season ended in October, so we haven’t seen our team in a while.

I can’t wait to see them.

The small, the regular and that which is awesome.
I need to try this more often.

Hooray for replies!