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Meal Planning


I plan my meals every week.
It saves me time and money.
It helps me visualize when I’ll need extra help, or when to scale back or when to pull out the fancy forks*.

It keeps me from wasting food.
It takes less than 15 minutes a week.

So, what are you having for supper tomorrow?

*Just kidding, I don’t have any fancy forks. Do you? Do tell.

6 thoughts on “Meal Planning

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    Mmmm. Can I come over on Saturday?

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    Lindsay says:

    I love reading your weekly meal plans. Now, I’m only a mom of 1 and I have a short commute to my full time job, which makes me wonder how you actually EXECUTE the meals plans with twice as many children and probably 4x as long a commute? I would love to see a “meal plan brought to life” example. (Is it rude to request blog posts? I don’t mean to be rude! More of… looking for tips.)

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      Marina says:

      I love the sntseggious! My weeks go so much better when I menu plan. It saves money and time plus as I am the last one home in my family a menu allows hubby or kids to help get dinner started. If someone hasn’t tried it, I highly suggest it!

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    Helen Jane says:

    Of course! I was already planning a week of the whys and hows of my meal planning.

    And keep this in mind, we follow it about 60% of the time. It’s 60% more than we would have done anyway. It’s just that sometimes, life tumbles on and our perfectly planned meal never happens (thus the duplicate meals, week in and week out).

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    laura k says:

    I do meal planning on the weekends, and again mid-week. I have no children, and it’s just me and my partner. We are close to the market, so we usually go two or three times a week. So I usually find it easier to plan first for Sunday through Tuesday or Wednesday, and then re-assess mid-week.

    I’ve been thinking about trying to describe my meal planning process for awhile, and I’m looking forward to seeing how someone else does it! Thanks for sharing!

    (PS – I just found your blog, thanks to Shutterbean, and I wanted to tell you I think it’s lovely.)

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    Razan says:

    I have a hard time pinnnlag a menu because it just seems hard to decide what to prepare so I only do a week at a time. I do it every Sunday afternoon. Then I can pull any meat I need to thaw in the fridge.

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