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8:30 pm, Tuesday

Nora Lea

Hey! What’s this on my pillow?
It looks like a feather?
MOM! MOM! Come here! There’s a FEATHER ON MY PILLOW!
What’s a FEATHER doing on my PILLOW?

Well, my love, your pillow is filled with feathers, thousands of them.
Feathers fill your pillow because they are soft. Feel that soft part?

This part might hurt me, you have to get rid of that part because I might hurt myself. I might cut something by accident. I might cut my finger off by accident.
I’m going to cut my finger off by accident.

Well, I’m not sure…

NO. I’m going to cut my finger off with this feather and you’ll take me to Dr. Anders and he will look through the fingers he has and he’ll say, “SORRY I DON’T HAVE ANY REGULAR FINGERS.” But I will say, “That’s okay, I’ll take a pink one.” And he’ll put a pink finger on me.

Oh… uh…

And it will be the best finger, my pink finger and I will love it so much.

Okay, Nora Lea, let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.
Nighty night, my love.

Nighty night.

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    Christina LeMarr says:

    That, was cute!!!!

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